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PARTY — 2015

Good tradition

A graduation ceremony for the whole university is a tradition that never gets boring.

In 2013 HSE had its first ever all-university graduation party. The event was conventional but heartfelt: gowns, throwing caps in the air, congratulations by university officials and beloved lecturers, and a concert. But in 2014 the large HSE family celebrated the graduation in a night club with mind-blowing competitions, crazy dancing till you drop, and an animation team – it was a ‘Back to Future’ themed party!

Another academic year is coming to an end. A new generation of HSE’s pupils is on the brink of adult independent life. But before finding out what the stars have prepared for them in the future, we offer them a short trip to the past: to July 1, 2014.

Let’s remember how it happened a year ago…

Buckle up, this is space!

The Galactic Republic is in a spin. The nearest star systems – ‘fields of professional employment’ – desperately need new chancellors and peacekeepers in the Omicron Persei 8 galaxy. HSE-Star brought together it heroes independently of their species, be they sith, bith, gungan or dug, called them ‘HSE graduates’, instead of usual ‘HSE students’, who are junior in rank, and decided to send them to the distant Professional Spheres Federation, so that these graduates perform exploits on new positions and become warriors of great galactic deeds.

A comfortable space liner will deliver the graduates to the spheres. After the customs terminal, the captain will greet the passengers, and friendly cyber flight attendants will serve them during the flight.

On the way to the new civilizations, HSE graduates will enjoy entertainments, bright impressions, meeting new alien friends, and various interplanetary treats.

Don’t take anything with you on the trip, besides your good mood, and the journey will definitely bring you cosmic pleasure. Let the adventure begin!

Spaceship ticket

Each HSE graduate 2015 can get on board the spaceship to the Professional Spheres Federation.

To do so, they need a ticket. They can only get one with the use of a special promo code, which is only available for this year’s graduates. The Promo code is the number of the student’s ID, which can only be used once, but two tickets can be bought at a time. A graduate can take one person with them to the spaceship, to join them on an unforgettable journey.

Ticket price

750 roubles for all passengers

But there will be a separate option ‘Book a table’ for those who want to reserve sitting places.

How to buy a ticket?

Take your student ID, open Timepad registration, register with the use of the promo code, pay, and print out the ticket. Entrance to the ship will only be possible with a ticket with a barcode, which will be scanned during boarding.

Attention! The promo code is the student ID number of a 2015 graduate. The promo code can work only once, and you can buy either one or two tickets (for you and your +1) at a time. You won’t be able to buy a second ticket as a separate purchase with the use of the same promo code!

How to book a table?

Book a table: Elena, 8-916-588-32-50, call from 11 am to 7 pm. Price: 1000 roubles per person (Tables B for 8 persons, tables A for 12 persons). The reservation is valid if you make the payment within 3 days after the phone call. An entrance ticket is required.

You can see the seating chart below.

Time and location


Departure will be at Space Moscow, 36 Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Building 11


June 20, 2015

Guests gather starting from 9.30 pm. Departure at 11 pm. The flight will last until 6 am, June 21.

Information for passengers

Dear graduates!

Please be informed that the diploma delivery ceremonies traditionally will take place at faculties. The information on the date, time and format of the events is available in your study offices.